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Why buy a children's teepee

Pourquoi acheter un tipi pour enfant - Royaume Montessori - Jouets Educatifs Montessori

Every parent wants the best for children, including their development. Children's toys can play a big role in children's quest for developmental assurance. Among these games for children, you can opt for the teepee. It is suitable for baby, for girls. Find out in this article what this toy is and what it could do for your toddler.

Teepee for children: What is it?

The children's teepee is a game for children. This is a children's room, a play tent in which children can enjoy a semi-enclosed space. It can be used by all children, regardless of age or gender. The children's teepee is directly inspired by Indians and the Indian tent. There are different types of these tents: camping tent, pop up tent, inner tent, princess tent, bed tent, bed tent, garden tent, yurt, wigwam. It is a play tent, the most fun among children's tents. Despite the impression it gives, the children's teepee tent does not take up enough space. This play tent that can be used for decorating is large enough for the child to enjoy their play space for as long as possible. You have the possibility of having several accessories under the tent: bedding (travel bed, tent bed, children's bed, umbrella bed, cabin bed, junior bed, convertible baby bed, pop-up bed, crib, child's bed, etc.), and others.

teepee for children

What is a child's teepee made of?

A child's teepee is made up of a stretched fabric canvas and stakes. These two parts constitute the structure of this children's tent. Stakes can be made of natural wood or plastic. For more aesthetics, the tips of the picks can be colored or painted with pennants. As for the canvas, it can be multi-colored or have different printed designs. For this canvas, two materials are mainly used: organic cotton and polyester.

Advantages of a children's teepee

The children's teepee is first and foremost a fun tent. It offers children a playhouse where they can have fun in complete safety. Beyond this fun aspect, the children's teepee also allows each child to develop their physique and their creativity. By using a teepee, children will be able to let their imagination run wild. They will transform their teepee into a house, a cabin, a tunnel tent, a hiding place, a playroom, etc. Thanks to these tents, children play and invent stories away from prying eyes. The children's teepee can then play a big role in the development of the child's mind. Furthermore, for the child to play in a tepee, he must perform different movements: crawling, turning, etc. These movements contribute to the development of motor skills. By performing these different movements, the child will be able to coordinate these cerebral hemispheres. Finally, the children's teepee is easy to assemble. By nature, the teepee is mobile. As it is foldable, it can be lifted and installed in any room if the children's room does not have enough space. You also won't have to complain about storage.

How to choose a teepee for children?

Choosing a teepee for a child must be done carefully, if you want to save time, we recommend our teepee . Whether it's a girl's or a boy's teepee, a princess or a pirate's teepee, adventurers, fairies or whatever your child pretends to be, you just have to consider the same criteria that is here :


Some teepees have a simple and traditional design, others have flap doors and others have roll-up doors or curtains. It is important that you choose a teepee with windows since they play a vital role in the ventilation of the teepee. Choosing a teepee with a mesh window is even better if you plan to make indoor and outdoor use of the teepee.

The poles

The poles are used for installing the canvas. For children's teepees, there are between 4 and 6. The more poles there are, the more difficult the installation. You must also take their number into account before choosing a teepee for your toddlers.

The dimensions

This is an important criterion when choosing a children's teepee. The majority of teepees can accommodate 2 to 3 children, but 5-pole teepees are much more spacious. The more spacious the teepee, the more comfortable the child will be able to move and have fun in his tent with complete peace of mind. You must also take into account the space available where you want to install the teepee.

The child's age

Not all teepees are suitable for children of all ages. Some are suitable for toddlers and adults, while others are not. It is therefore important to take into account the age of the child. Small teepees are for children aged 2 to 10. Beyond this age, you need to think about a larger teepee.

The materials

This criterion concerns the canvas and the poles. For the child's well-being, it is important that their play area is free of chemicals. Then choose a cotton or polyester canvas and pine wood poles. If the teepee is intended for indoor and also outdoor use, the canvas must be waterproof to withstand the weather. The wooden structure must also be solid.


Pay careful attention to safety. You need to make sure that the teepee is sturdy since your children will spend most of their time under this space. It must then be solid to avoid certain accidents.

The budget

Teepees exist for all budgets. Generally the price depends on the quality of the materials used for the design of the teepee. You must then take your budget into account before making a choice.

Cleaning a child's teepee

The majority of teepees cannot be machine washed. It is therefore necessary to favor spot cleaning. For this cleaning, you can use a damp cloth and a colorless, mild soap. However, if the teepee is machine washable, follow the instructions and clean thoroughly. But don't put it in a dryer. If the teepee also has a groundsheet, you should also think about cleaning it.

All games and toys add something extra to the lives of children (boys and girls). And like dolls, stuffed animals, the swing, the slide, the cars, paw patrol, Minnie mouse, comforter and other toys, the teepee is a very beneficial child's game. It makes a great Christmas gift and allows children to play in peace. It can be used as a decorative object and to furnish and decorate the room. Children love this nest, this cocoon that they have thanks to this tent. Several accessories can be placed in a tipi: cushions, a mosquito net, a garland, a ball pit, sleeping bag, storage bag, etc. It can be placed outdoors or used as room decoration. It's a children's game with several advantages. It is also possible to choose according to the age group of the child. These tipis come in different colors: beige, black and white, etc.

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