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Montessori games 6 years and older

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Why choose a Montessori game for a 6 year old child?

The age of six marks a crucial step in the development of a child. It is a moment when their curiosity reaches its peak and when they actively seek to understand the world around them. THE Montessori games for 6 years and over are meticulously designed to respond to this insatiable thirst to know. Guided by Maria Montessori's educational philosophy, these games aim to feed the child's growth in the child, allowing him to explore, discover and learn independently.

The advantages of Montessori Games

Autonomous learning

A central element of the Montessori method is to allow the child to be the main actor of his learning. This means that each game is designed to be both informative and adapted to age, while leaving enough space for the child to experience and draws his own conclusions.

Natural and durable materials

Montessori games are often made from natural materials, thus promoting a tangible connection with the real world. This choice of materials also encourages sensory engagement, allowing children to touch, feel and physically interact with objects, thus strengthening their understanding and memorization.

Diversity of learning areas

Whether to explore the basics of mathematics, immerse yourself in the mysteries of science or embark on the linguistic adventure, Montessori games for 6 years and over cover an extended range of areas. They offer a complete platform for holistic development.

THE Montessori games for 6 years and over are not simple toys; These are learning tools that have the power to shape the spirit of a child. By investing in these games, you offer the child an invaluable opportunity to grow, learn and flourish independently and confident.