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The power of the Montessori method in children

La puissance de la méthode Montessori chez l'enfant - Royaume Montessori - Jouets Educatifs Montessori

The Montessori method has grown in popularity over the years. And for good reason, there are many teachers and early childhood professionals who praise the merits of this learning method. Often compared to the Steiner Waldorf method but perhaps you are not sure what this active pedagogy means.
Developed by Maria Montessori at the beginning of the 20th century. It was inspired by the research of John Stuart Mill and Jean Piaget.
This pedagogical method emphasizes independence, freedom within limits and respect for the psychological and physical development of the child.
Montessori training, Montessori schools and even Montessori workshops have been set up for this occasion, but it is possible to practice Montessori education at home with a view to "help me to do it alone" where the child learn at their own pace.

The pedagogical principles of the Montessori method

In this educational approach, the child is considered as a whole being and not as a center of interest. He must have space for his emotions in order to develop his senses and his ability but also be able to learn by himself, thanks to an environment which allows him to have a sensory experience. Thanks to this, he learns to respect others, but also to control his own emotions. For him it is a pleasure to learn.

The young child must learn to develop and grow instead of being the object of learning. He must therefore have the opportunity to choose his activities and conduct his own experiences, without being influenced by adults. This education is based on trust in the child and on the pedagogy of “give and let it happen”.

In this different pedagogy, the child is treated with respect, like any other adult. He is free to choose his activities and concentrate on what he prefers and what he likes. This is why children are always encouraged to concentrate on their work and carry out their own experiments. We offer Montessori toys for this purpose.

The Montessori method at home


The benefits of Montessori pedagogy

It is a system that promotes the psychological, social and intellectual development of the child. It helps the child to develop his natural abilities, such as language, creativity, imagination, sense of rhythm, sense of tempo or his sense.

It is thanks to this type of pedagogy that children develop an interest in the economic and social problems that surround them and are much more committed to their own future than any other child.

Young children find it difficult to learn to read or write. Montessori teaching helps them develop their self-confidence, their creativity, their imagination and their artistic sense. They receive useful advice to solve their problems and they become good students and good adults.

The prerequisites for applying this educational system

To have satisfactory results, it is important to get to know the specific needs of the child and to give them everything that can help them develop their natural faculties.

This pedagogy is based on approaches that are contrary to the habits, traditions and customs of our society.

    You have to respect the rhythm of the child and be able to design his education so that it is compatible with his way of thinking and evolving. Kingdom Montessori offers adequate materials, discover our best Montessori game

    The application of the Montessori educational method to children

    To apply this positive education, each child must have an adequate environment with suitable equipment. Parents must create a favorable atmosphere for the child so that he or she can learn differently through Montessori activities. It's important to have a space that serves the same purpose. The child must have a space for play, rest, relaxation and a place to sleep.

    Kingdom Montessori offers educational materials so that your child can have fun, you can find them by clicking here .

    toy for montessori method

    All the toys we offer are developed according to the Montessori method which allows your little one to learn while flourishing.

    Private Montessori schools

    These schools differ from traditional day care centers, nurseries, public schools or other types by paying attention to the needs of the child.

    Often, in traditional kindergartens or public schools, all students must learn new concepts in the same way. The Montessori approach assumes that children learn in different ways. To help each child reach their individual potential, Montessori schools focus on the development of the whole child, socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively.

    Compared to traditional classrooms where students follow the same course, Montessori classrooms offer a wide variety of activities to appeal to all children's interests, such as an activity that engages the senses, works the fine motor skills, sensory games.

    Teachers support the learning process. They are guides who encourage independence, freedom within limits and a sense of order. They created a learning triangle with the child and the materials.

    Unlike traditional schools, this different pedagogy is not based on manuals or workbooks, but on practical tools that promote concentration and curiosity.

    The problem with these schools is the tuition fees, they can be high and that is why Kingdom Montessori offers teaching materials to practice Montessori education at home at low prices.

    You can now create a Montessori atmosphere at home thanks to our toys.

    Create a Montessori atmosphere at home

    Training Montessori educators to become experienced

    During his training, the educator will learn the different stages of development of the child, but also to handle the appropriate educational material such as Kingdom Montessori offers it here. In addition to this training, the educational teams also follow training on non-violent communication and positive education created by Martin Suligman, which is the combination of traditional education with the study of happiness and well-being.

    Discover our educational games that will accompany your child whose goal is to learn while having fun.

    Discover our magnetic puzzle by clicking here

    What is a Montessori game?

    Historically, there are no such things as “Montessori toys or games.” Maria Montessori never included the word toy in her vocabulary but preferred to use the word “educational material”.

    However, there are many toys that lend themselves to the development of certain concepts, much like the materials in a Montessori learning environment.

    So, what makes one so-called Montessori game different from another? Well, it all lies in the design of the toy and how it is used.

    Parents are spoiled for choice when it comes to toys and it has to be said that toy manufacturers do some pretty awesome stuff. Toys that light up, play music and even teach your child the alphabet, colors, numbers… impressive! Toys talk, walk, flip, fly, how can a wooden Montessori matching game compare to that?

    4 good reasons to buy Montessori learning materials

    1. They don't break easily which means they will survive heavy use and still be in good enough condition to pass down to the next generation or to donate/sell.

    2. Montessori toys are much more visually appealing, inviting the child to play with them. Wood, especially when left unpolished/unpainted, also feels good to the touch. Each wooden toy has a unique texture; something that the brain can feel, as well as the hands. In addition, let's not forget that the Montessori method is based on child development and this involves sensory exploration. Sight and touch are therefore to be prioritized.

    3. Montessori toys provide more opportunities for open-ended play. This type of play allows children to make discoveries, test hypotheses and develop crucial developmental skills, especially if your child is playing independently.

    4. Many Montessori toys invite the child to build, expanding their spatial and mathematical intuition. Open-ended toys (which most Montessori toys are) require the child to learn by doing. This is not to say that no plastic toy requires a child's creativity and concentration. Our educational construction game is an example of plastic toys that encourage concentration and creativity.

    Now that you know the main advantages of buying Montessori games, all you have to do is discover our learning games !

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