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Wooden Montessori toy

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THE wooden toys have always been synonymous with quality and sustainability. Beyond this aspect, they also embody an inheritance, a transmission of artisanal know-how which continues through the ages. Our exclusive collection of wooden toys combines the quintessence of the art of play with the timeless aesthetics of drink. Wood, a noble material, offers a softness and warmth incomparable to the touch, while its robustness ensures longevity to our playful creations. Each of our toys is designed with particular attention to detail, guaranteeing an experience of game unique and safe for your children.

The essence of traditional game at the heart of our collection

Montessori magnetic puzzles

Our Montessori magnetic puzzles are not simple toys. They are designed to stimulate the minds of your children, guiding them through a learning trip while having fun. Each piece, each shape, and each color has been designed to arouse curiosity and encourage the cognitive development of thechild. The multiple possible configurations offer infinite replayability and each game session becomes a new exploratory adventure. The Montessori method, renowned for its benevolent educational approach and respectful of the child, is at the heart of the design of these magnetic puzzles.

Tangram: the wooden toy for reflection par excellence

Tangram, this millennial game, transports your children In a world where geometry and creativity merge to offer an unequaled playful experience. The seven pieces, all in a material in drink Robust and pleasant to the touch, invite the little spirits to explore, build and imagine, while refining their logical meaning and their dexterity. The geometric shapes of tangram, apparently simple, conceal countless possibilities, thus stimulating the ingenuity and creativity of young minds. It is an invitation to a trip where reflection and fun intermingle harmoniously.

Wood, noble and durable material, at the service of the game

Our commitment to quality pushes us to carefully select the drink used in the manufacture of our toys. We firmly believe that the choice of a quality material, not only contributes to the sustainability of toys, but also to an experience of game safer and healthier for your children. The delicate texture and the solidity of the wood guarantee not only exceptional longevity to toys but also an incomparable softness to the touch, thus enriching the sensory experience of children. Our toys, cut in premium wood, will resist years of use and can be transmitted from generation to generation.

Wooden and puzzles: a world of imagination

Build and create freely

Our boards in drink offer to your children a field of game without limits where each construction becomes an adventure. Whether it is to build castles, bridges or towers, each piece in drink becomes a tool to materialize their overflowing imagination. The possibilities of creation are endless and each structure built is a masterpiece born from the fertile imagination of young builders. The boards, in their simplicity, offer a world of possibilities where the limits are those of the imagination of children.

Develop logic while having fun

Each puzzle in our collection is not only a game, but an invitation to resolve challenges. THE children Explore, try and learn through the game, developing their logical thinking and patience. By solving puzzles, children Embark on a trip where each piece is a step towards victory, thus stimulating their self -confidence. Our puzzles are designed to be both a challenge and a source of pleasure, ensuring that each moment of play is as enriching as it is amusing.

Invite your children to explore, learn and create with our toys

Each wooden toys From our collection is a world in itself, await being explored by curious little hands. Invite your children to dive into these universes where the game becomes an educational adventure, where each past moment is a step towards new discoveries and learning. Our toys are childhood companions, precious objects that participate in building the joyful memories of tomorrow. By playing, the children weave emotional ties with their toys, creating memories that they will cherish forever.