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Montessori Tangram

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This collection of educational games or toys is perfect for children looking for new challenges. Made from high quality materials, the toys or games in the tangram collection are designed to learn the letters of the alphabet, learn to read or learn to count and to last through time!


The tangram is an imitation game, educational. It usually consists of seven pieces, a rhombus, a hexagon, an isosceles triangle, a right triangle, a square and two parallelograms and stacking blocks or wooden blocks. These seven pieces can be assembled to form different shapes. The goal is to create specific shapes by assembling the 7 pieces in a way that there is no overlap. This collection of original building sets or toys ranges from easy wooden puzzles for kids to challenging animal puzzles for adults!

Each brand of toys in the Montessori tangram collection is a creative hobby and contains a different challenge and level

The Montessori tangram is a collection of electronic games or ecological toys that challenge the mind in a different way. Each construction game or selection of plastic games and toys such as: domino, slate, pen, spinning top, children's puzzle, play mat; educational book dollhouse, toy store, toys rus etc., contain different shapes, colors, bricks, marbles, batteries, natural wood or toy wood, wooden pieces or cars and different numbers of tokens, as well as varying difficulty levels. This gives you the opportunity for your children to grow with each memory game by introducing new challenges at their level.

Help your children to develop

This collection of wooden games or toys for babies is designed to be challenging, but not too difficult. The card or tablet games in the tangram collection are not only fun and engaging, but they also help children develop important skills like creativity, problem solving and critical thinking. Tangram Montessori outdoor games are educational tools designed to stimulate children's interest in different areas while playing.

The idea behind the Tangram Montessori children's play collection is based on the Montessori method, which encourages learning through discoveries that young children make themselves. It also uses objects that are familiar to them so that they can easily understand concepts such as patterns or numbers without being forced to.

Made in France from high quality materials

Made from high quality materials, all the sets in the tangram collection will last for many years! The tiles or building blocks are made of durable material that resists breakage and bending. In addition to being very sturdy, they also have a smooth finish that makes them easier to handle when you play with them. The firm wooden board itself has been carefully designed to be lightweight, yet strong enough for everyday use. Easy to carry and store when not in use, it holds up well to pressure and can withstand damage from the normal wear and tear of time (and children).

Aside from the high quality materials, another reason why these wooden toys and games are so durable has everything to do with how they were designed: they were designed with children in mind! Today, many French toys are primarily designed to meet the aesthetic needs of adults, but that doesn't mean they are fun or safe for children. Because these toys were specifically created by Montessori educators (people who study child development), then they offer unique benefits that go beyond just being "kid-friendly".

Tangram Montessori is an excellent method of baby child development. It focuses on giving children the opportunity to learn through their own experience, rather than through teaching. If you have a child who loves puzzles or wants to learn more about geometric shapes, this collection of games will provide hours of entertainment!