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Montessori clock

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Montessori clocks: an educational tool for learning children

The Montessori universe is vast and rich in educational tools designed specifically to promote the autonomous learning of children. Among these tools, the Montessori clock is distinguished as one of the most effective in teaching the concept of time. In this collection, we present a varied range of Montessori clocks, each adapted to the needs and level of learning of each child. The clocks are often made of wood, offering a natural aesthetic. Each clock is designed to captivate the child's interest. With clearly marked dials, the child can easily locate hours and minutes. These clocks are more than a simple object, they are a real educational tool.

Why choose a Montessori clock for your child?

The Montessori method is based on the idea that each child is unique and learns at their own pace. The Montessori clock, with its colored needles and its clearly visible figures, allows the child to learn to read the time intuitively. Unlike traditional clocks, the Montessori clock is designed to be manipulated by the child, thus offering him a tactile and visual experience. These clocks are designed to help children develop a deep understanding of the concept of time. They introduce the daily routine and the concept of 24 hours. In addition, they are often accompanied by fun activities to strengthen learning. Choosing a Montessori clock is choosing a recognized and effective pedagogy.

The advantages of the Montessori clock

  1. Adaptability : Whether your child is beginner or advanced in his hour learning, there is a Montessori clock adapted to his needs.

  2. Interactivity : The child can move the needles, learn the minutes, the hours and even the seconds with certain more advanced clocks.

  3. Sustainability : Made with quality materials, Montessori clocks are designed to last, guaranteeing years of learning. Each clock is a masterpiece of design and functionality. The materials used are chosen for their sustainability and safety. Children are naturally curious, and these clocks are designed to withstand intensive manipulation. In addition, they are often accompanied by a guide to help parents in learning.

How to choose the best Montessori clock for your child?

When you browse our collection, consider your child's age and level of learning. For the youngest, a single montessori clock with large colored needles and clearly visible figures is ideal. As the child grows and his understanding of time is refined, you can opt for more complex montessori clocks that introduce concepts such as hour -long, minutes and even seconds. Our range includes clocks for each learning stage. From the simple wooden clock for toddlers to advanced educational clock for older children, there is something for each child. These clocks are designed to grow with your child, accompanying him at each stage of his development.

The impact of the Montessori clock on learning

It is fascinating to see how a simple clock can transform the way in which a child perceives time. With a Montessori clock, the child not only learns to read the time, but also to understand the underlying concepts of time. By manipulating the needles and observing the movement of time, the child develops a temporal consciousness which will be essential throughout his life.

In conclusion

Montessori clocks are not simple learning tools, they are a reflection of Montessori philosophy itself. By offering your child a Montessori clock, you give him the opportunity to learn at his own pace, independently and interactive. Browse our collection and discover the Montessori clock ideal for your child.