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Car Rescue Adventure Montessori Toy

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Playing with toy cars is a game that starts with toddlers and can last into the teen years.

Does your child love toy cars? Discover our selection of Montessori educational toy cars and make your child happy.

Educational Montessori car circuits to learn while having fun

Children learn through play. And it is this play-based learning that builds their understanding (or cognition).

They begin to learn about the world and their role in it. They know that they get into a car to go places.

Playing with small cars on an educational track puts them in the driver's seat. Children love to control their environment. And while they may be years away from getting behind the wheel, they can begin to exercise their free will by playing with toy cars.

With a Montessori educational track, they also learn about cause and effect when they play with toy cars. They learn that it is possible for a whole to be made up of individual parts.

Cars on a track teach children about speed, distance, gravity, weight and more. By placing the cars on the Montessori track, children will have to apply their knowledge to move them forward.

Circuit of small cars, the perfect Montessori game for fine motor skills

Playing with small toy cars develops a child's fine motor skills. This Montessori toy develops hand-eye coordination and dexterity in both hands as children pick up, carry, throw, push and pull small cars.

Fine motor skills are vital. These skills build on each other. For example, picking up and moving toy cars allows a child to later hold a pencil, cut with scissors and string beads on a necklace.