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Cadre pour dessin enfant

Magnetic frame for children's drawing

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Cadre pour dessin enfant
Magnetic frame for children's drawing

Transform the scribbles into work of art: the magnetic setting that revolutionizes your decor!

Your house deserves an art exhibition that evolves with the creativity of your children. Our magnetic frame for children's drawing is the perfect solution to convert an ordinary wall to an art gallery. Place, replace and expose their works effortlessly, while offering your living space a touch of elegance and order. In the blink of an eye, the last dragon or the house under the sun is highlighted, ready to arouse admiration and discussion. It is a way to encourage your children to continue to draw, knowing that their art is appreciated and highlighted. Your little one can thus see his imagination take place among the decorations of the house, and each visitor can testify to the evolution of their talent day after day.

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Des dessins d'enfant encadré

Elegantly framed memories

Each creation of your child is precious, and our framework is designed to cherish them as they deserve. With safe materials and easy installation, you can save and admire their drawings without fear of tears or discoloration. It is the protection that your little artist deserves without limits. In addition, cleaning is a breeze - a simple cloth is enough for the frame to remain impeccable. And if the work is an ephemeral creation, the change is fast and safe, without the slightest risk for the most delicate drawings. The display is also interactive, offering your child the pride to see his work put forward, thus promoting growing self -esteem.

Each drawing of your child has a story: give him the frame he deserves!

Never underestimate the impact of a well-supervised drawing. Our magnetic setting starves the creativity of your children and decorates your interior with their colorful stories. It is a simple and stylish way to enhance each stage of their artistic development. This framework is more than a simple accessory; It is a tribute to fantasy and daily encouragement to expression. It reflects the importance you give to their dreams and their vision of the world, nourishing their confidence and their creativity. With its flexible hook system, it adapts to all spaces and can be positioned at the ideal height for children to admire and reach their works.

Attache du cadre de dessin enfant
Un père accroche le dessin de sa fille

Offer a gift that grows with them

Looking for the perfect gift to stimulate your child's imagination? Our frame for children's drawing for children's drawing is the ideal choice. It is not limited to exposing drawings; It celebrates each stage of the growth of your children and becomes a collection of their progress and their passions. It is a way of recognizing and encouraging the budding artist who wakes up in creation. Imagine the joy of grandparents discovering each new drawing presented as a true work of art, testimony to the love and creativity of their grandchildren. This framework is also an excellent educational tool, encouraging children to engage in artistic activities and to share their creations with confidence.

Choose the distinction

Designed with a unique perspective: that of understanding and meeting the needs of modern families.

When it comes to keeping the jewels of your children's innocence and creativity, only the best products will do the trick. Unlike standard frames, ours combines functionality and aesthetics without compromise. We have integrated an unrivaled ease of use with a simplified opening and magnetic closing system which transforms the display of new drawings in a moment of shared pleasure, not in a chore.

The quality is at the heart of our design, with sustainable materials that guarantee superior longevity and foolproof safety for children's play areas. While other frameworks can be satisfied with a basic functionality, we go beyond offering a product that adapts to the evolution of your child. Each setting is a window on the colorful world of your child, designed to be part of your life not just for years, but to become a family inheritance. By choosing our framework, you opt for a flawless experience, where each new drawing is a celebration and each moment of pride is preserved.

Dimension du cadre photo

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