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Une imprimante photo Royaume Montessori - Jouets Educatifs Montessori bleue et blanche avec une photo de l'Appareil Photo Instantané Enfant dessus.

Kids Instant Camera

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Develops Coordination and Intelligence
Provides Healthy, Screen-Free Entertainment
Cultivate a Love of Learning

Little Genius Pack

Kids Instant Camera
Kids Instant Camera
appareil photo instantanée

Immortalize every precious moment of your child: The instant camera that transforms present moments into magical memories!

The magic of instant photography can help your child experience the joy of the present moment! This device, designed for children aged 3 to 12, offers much more than a simple photo: it invites children to fully experience the moment and feel the excitement of seeing the photo develop before their eyes. Your child's every smile and laugh is etched in history, transforming fleeting moments into memories that will last forever. Adding a variety of filters and stickers to this turns each image into a unique work of art. That's not all! Built-in games spark the imagination and the music player adds rhythm to the experience.

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appareil photo instantanée enfant

Robust design, fun features and cutting-edge technology for photography enthusiasts!

We understand that children are naturally passionate about adventure, so our camera has been specially designed to suit their exploration experiences. It is easy to hold and manipulate because it is made with durable materials and is ergonomic, making it ideal for little hands. So your child can take it everywhere with them, whether it's a walk in the park, vacations or special family moments. He will be able to enjoy every moment without any worry.