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The Busy Board Montessori is a perfect gift

Le Busy Board Montessori est un cadeau parfait - Royaume Montessori - Jouets Educatifs Montessori

The concern of every parent is to see their child grow and flourish. To achieve this goal, the education of the child is essential. And several educational systems have emerged in this direction. The Montessori method, which is a very recognized educational system, bases its philosophy on autonomy and Montessori toys. There are different Montessori games and toys on the market: puzzle, rattle, doll, wooden puzzle, construction game, stacking game, gripping game, learning game, plush toy, cars, spinning top, teddy bear, giraffe, rabbit, abacus, busy board, etc. Discover in this article the busy board and its contribution to child development.

Busy board Montessori: what is it?

The busy board is a learning support for all children. This is a fun board which was inspired by the pedagogy and sensory activities of the method developed by Dr Maria Montessori: Montessori pedagogy. The objective of this Montessori material is to exercise the senses and awaken fine motor skills in each child. This board can be used as a support for all educational materials: wooden games, baby toys, early learning toys, children's toys, everyday objects, original toys, building blocks, classic toys. The busy board is used for children: boys and girls during the sensitive period.

In general, the busy board is a wooden board on which elements or other educational games are attached easily by toddlers and younger children.

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Advantages of a busy board

Like all Montessori games or educational games, the busy board has several advantages for all children. It allows the child to work on their dexterity and motor skills by touching the different objects on the board. The child learns to manipulate objects in his daily life since he has to grab them, hammer them, etc. The busy board then allows: to improve the coordination of the child's movements and especially those of his hands and eyes, sensory learning through the colors and shapes of objects, to develop his memory and his concentration and to help him shape his imagination. The child must also develop his self-confidence thanks to this board. Apart from this, the busy board offers the opportunity for each child to learn more about their environment around them. He learns to familiarize himself and gradually enter into today's world. For this it can contain objects such as: cubes, boxes, puzzles, figurines, etc. This board is also playful. It allows the child to have fun, to learn while having fun. The busy board also allows you to give responsibilities to the child. The child thus acquires a certain autonomy, independence and self-confidence. Furthermore, the busy board is also advantageous for parents. It gives them a moment of rest and allows them to easily educate their child.

From what age can a child use a busy board?

The child can start using a busy board from a very early age. Your 6 month old baby can already use a busy board. It is from this age that the child begins to touch and pay attention to everything. However, for a toddler, it is recommended to choose a board with various textures that are suitable for babies. Also, from this age the child seeks to discover the world. He seeks to explore and therefore dwells on everything (colors and lights). This is therefore an ideal time for your child to use a busy board for the first time. But the activities that you offer to little ones during these sensitive periods should not be complicated.

This fun board can also be used by children of other ages. The main thing is to take the child's age into account to provide them with the appropriate materials and activities. For example, a 4-year-old child and a baby do not have the same skills or the same physical abilities.

Busy board: how to choose

For the busy board to last, you must have chosen it well. It is therefore important not to neglect certain criteria. At Kingdom Montessori, we offer you a suitable Busy board, check it out!
Here are some of these criteria for choosing a busy board.

The size

You may think that you need a big board for the child so that he can have several activities. But with the Montessori method, it's an activity by an activity. So having a big board with many different activities does not benefit your child. You're not necessarily doing him a favor. It is very likely that he will not go at the end of each activity. For this, it is preferable to limit yourself to 10 activities per board. You also have the option of taking a small board for travel. Also, it is more interesting to take a busy board where the activities are grouped by theme. So for a board of the ideal size, the child must be able to easily differentiate the different parts for each theme or skill. With a size of 50x70 cm, the child will have too many activities, which turns out to be unnecessary. And with a 30x30 cm board, it is better to only offer one activity. If you want to offer ten activities, the 40x50 cm size will do the trick. But, you will need to arrange the activities carefully on the board.

The quality

Wood is the most used element for the busy board. Indeed, it is important that the board is strong enough not to break very easily under the child's impulses. And it should also not be very heavy to allow the child to handle it more easily. For this, the recommended solution is plywood. But here, you have to be careful with the glue used.

The Montessori method is a very successful educational method. In Montessori workshops, the Montessori educator advocates the child's independence and autonomy through games. Thus in Montessori schools we find: wooden toys, educational toys, rattles, board games, construction games, wooden cubes, soft toys, musical instruments, puppets, imitation games, scooters , puzzle, cuddly toy, activity cube, rocking horse, arch, tricycle, dinette, bell, slide, dollhouse, cart, etc. These games and toys for children aim to develop motor skills and make children very creative from a young age. It is possible to put several different Montessori activities on one board. With such a board, the Montessori method at home becomes possible. But first of all you have to choose a good busy board.

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