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Baby Spinner pour bébé

Set of 3 rotary awakening toys: Baby Spinner

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Develops coordination and intelligence
Offers healthy and screen entertainment
Cultivate the love of learning

Petit Genius Pack

Baby Spinner pour bébé
Set of 3 rotary awakening toys: Baby Spinner
un bébé qui joue avec le baby spinner

Wonder at the tips of your fingertips with our baby spinner

Enter a world where curious little hands discover the pleasure of movement with Baby Spinner, the tender and educational alternative of the famous Hand Spinner. Inspired by the magic of toupies and propellers, this toy is more than a simple rotary object; It is an invitation to wonder. Its flexible plastic edges guarantee not only safety, but also the comfort of your child's little hands. Each turn, the Baby Spinner offers a sensory journey, leaving children fascinated by its hypnotic movement.

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Baby spinner insecte avec une main de bébé

More than a rotary game, a moving awakening

The Baby Spinners transcend the traditional idea of ​​the toy. Thanks to their base equipped with a robust suction cup, they are firmly attached to almost all smooth surfaces, transforming everyday life into a captivating playground. However, the impact of the Baby Spinner goes far beyond entertainment. By devoting themselves to this rotation game, children not only develop their manual dexterity but also sharpen their visual acuity. They learn to observe the decrease in speed, to anticipate the stop, then to relaunch the movement. It is a constant exploration of cause and effect, cultivating the concentration, curiosity and coordination of your child every moment.

This awakening toy is safe for your little one!

Made of silicone, your child can nibble him safely.
Product dimension: 12.5cm


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