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bloc de construction magnétique
Bloc de Construction Magnétique Montessori - Royaume Montessori - Jouets Educatifs Montessori
bloc de construction montessori
Bloc de Construction Magnétique Montessori - Royaume Montessori - Jouets Educatifs Montessori
Bloc de Construction Magnétique Montessori - Royaume Montessori - Jouets Educatifs Montessori

Montessori Magnetic Building Block

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Develops Coordination and Intelligence
Provides Healthy, Screen-Free Entertainment
Cultivate a Love of Learning

Little Genius Pack

bloc de construction magnétique
Montessori Magnetic Building Block
Différentes construction à faire avec le bloc

Prepare for your child's success by opting for our magnetic building block that allows learning while playing

If you're looking for a building toy that will engage and challenge your child, while helping them develop important visual-spatial skills , the Montessori Magnetic Building Block is the perfect choice .

Your child will love spending hours creating different structures with the sticks, and they'll be proud to show off their creations to you. It's a great way to strengthen your relationship while providing your child with a valuable learning experience .

With the Montessori Magnetic Building Block, your child can use their imagination and creativity to build anything they can dream up. And since the magnets stick very well to each other, its structures will be solid and very aesthetic .

Watching your child learn and grow is one of the most rewarding things you can experience as a parent. With the Montessori magnetic building sticks, you can give him a toy that helps him learn while having fun.

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Une Maman et sa petite fille

A healthy way for your child to have fun

The Montessori magnetic building block is an authentic interactive toy . Your child will enjoy building unique structures that require a number of small actions from magnetic parts. It's a great way to teach your child hand-eye coordination and dexterity . Moreover, this toy can be used for various purposes. No batteries are required; depending on your child's imagination, new shapes and structures can be created with each play session.

More importantly, it is a healthy toy. There is no screen , just good entertainment. Your child will have a great time with this toy.

Stimulate your child's creativity

The advantage of our magnetic building blocks is that your child learns to build an infinite variety of objects , from the simplest to the most complex. Using their imaginations, they can create anything they want, whether it's a robot or a castle. Without limits to their creativity , your child can explore different patterns and colors while promoting their motor skills and cognitive development .

As he plays, he will also begin to recognize basic colors and shapes. So it is not only a fun game for your child, but also an educational game that has many advantages. With our magnetic construction sticks, your child can have hours of fun while learning key skills that will help them in the future.

This product is for children over 3 years old

Une petite fille qui joue au bloc montessori