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Our history

With an above-average learning capacity, children learn very quickly. They are able to develop incredible skills and talents.

Like a young plant, you have to water your children's evolution with the right water, the right material, in order to allow them to have an evolution favorable to the expression of all their potentialities. Therefore, creativity and constructive imagination are cultivated and can be maintained through repeated exercises that boost the brain.

Son développement, enfant qui développe ses connaissances

Thus, the more the child is confronted with thinking games, the more he develops strategies to overcome, or win the game. Yes, science proves it, because, the more the child muscles the creativity part which is located in the frontal cortex, the more he becomes capable of finding innovative solutions to a given situation.

This is why we created ROYAUME MONTESSORI, to stimulate creativity, memory and imagination problems through simple and easy to practice games.

Enfant en croissance

More than that, in order to allow your children to blossom in a climate conducive to this objective, our games are fun, and especially allows each to overcome the phase of the blockade which is none other than the problems of imagination in front of an obstacle situation.

From the easiest to the most complex, such as learning to count, recognizing shapes and colors, learning to solve problems, etc.

Combining theory and practice, our games act as catalysts that stimulate and boost learning with incredible speed. The second goal is to allow each child to retain information that used to take 10 minutes, in only 1 minute, and so on.

The shorter the retention time, and the shorter the response time to find a solution, the more proactive and creative the child becomes.

Enfant content

Our educational games meet needs in the simplest of ways, and allow each child to go to a level that is always higher than the day before, and creates momentum. Because we know that routine kills creativity, our games are gradually evolving, and allow children to learn interesting things at each level, and end with practice, which is also very fun.

They can be played at school, at home, at the office, anywhere, don't wait until a tree is big and twisted to try to straighten it, do it at a young age, it's much easier.

So, build up your child's brain now, to boost his learning!