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Circuit looping
circuit de voiture looping track
voiture sur le circuit de voiture looping track
piste looping track

Looping Track car circuit

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Develops coordination and intelligence
Offers healthy and screen entertainment
Cultivate the love of learning

Petit Genius Pack

Circuit looping
Looping Track car circuit
circuit de voiture looping en action

Transform the living room into a racing track: the looping track is just waiting for the budding pilot!

Immerse your child in a panty -up world with the Looping Track car circuit. Designed specifically for small drivers from 3 years old, this circuit brings a new dimension to classic car games. Unlike other circuits, our looping track is designed to provide a stunning driving experience, literally! The car, thanks to its innovative mechanism, avoids reversal and even allows cascades upside down, thus guaranteeing uninterrupted moments of play. But that's not all ! To further enrich the experience, the car bodywork is interchangeable, allowing your child to personalize their racing car according to their desires. Imagine the infinite scenarios that your child will be able to create, propelling him into a universe where imagination, creativity and laughter mix.

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circuit de voiture looping

Beyond the game: the circuit that grows and amazes each turn

Behind each turn, each jump and each looping of the Looping Track car circuit, hides an opportunity for learning for your child. More than just a toy, this circuit is an educational tool stimulating the address, coordination and reflection of the little ones. With each challenge, with each successful cascade, your child will develop his self -confidence, while strengthening his motor skills. In addition, playing in darkness is no longer a problem! Thanks to the bright headlights of the car, each room becomes a new adventure field, thus promoting sensory awakening and discovery. Give your child the perfect gift to combine fun and learning, and observe him grow, flourish and have an end to end with this car circuit.

Each model includes 1 car.



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