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Tableau Intéractif zoo
Tableau d'imagination Ferme
Tableau interactif en feutrine dinosaure

Interactive montessori imagination painting

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Develops coordination and intelligence
Offers healthy and screen entertainment
Cultivate the love of learning

Petit Genius Pack

Tableau Intéractif zoo
Interactive montessori imagination painting
Un petit garçon qui colle sur le tableau intéractif

An interactive picture that awakens the imagination

Transform the playing time into an adventure with our Interactive Montessori painting, where each touch is an opportunity to learn and marvel. The engaging textures and the vibrant colors are a daily invitation to discovery, offering your child a fertile terrain for his imagination and his creativity. Make your children's eyes shine with stories made with their own hands, and attend the evolution of their development through the game. The varied themes of the painting invite hours of exploration in worlds going from farm to The space, passing through the oceans and the eras of the dinosaurs. The interactive aspect of the table encourages autonomy and self -confidence, while multiplying collaborative learning opportunities. In addition, the ease of use and safety of this table make it ideal for an early introduction to the Montessori principles at home.

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Une mamie qui joue avec son petit fils au tableau interactif

The game that nuts that and the spirit and motor skills

Raise your child's learning potential with our Montessori interactive table. It is not just a toy, but an education companion who promotes understanding and coordination. Each detachable part is a key for new knowledge, opening the door to learning figures, words, and much more. It is an essential fun and educational introduction for harmonious and intelligent development. With elements designed to encourage recognition of shapes and colors, the game becomes an enriching learning experience. The modular configuration of the table allows an infinity of combinations, stimulating the imagination and strategic reflection of children. It also serves as a support for practical life lessons, such as storage and responsibility, through the game.

A lasting choice for years of discovery

Invest in the future of your child with our Montessori interactive table, combining resistance and respect for the environment. Made to last, this high quality felt table is resistant and easy to maintain, promising a long -term pleasure. With space to expand and create, it is the perfect addition for any play space, enriching the learning environment of your child with style and substance. The large dimensions allow several children to play at the same time, promoting social learning and collaboration. In addition, its intuitive design does not require any assembly, which allows immediate use from unpacking. And for parents concerned with ecology, be reassured: the materials used are ecological and safe, ensuring a minimum carbon footprint while entertaining your child.

Focus sur le tableau interactif montessori

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